PC用メインビジュアル スマートフォン用メインビジュアル
PC用メインビジュアル スマートフォン用メインビジュアル

Meets Products from Yamato Honey Co.,Ltd.

Meets Products is Yamato Honey’s original brand founded on the concept of encounters.
It represents the exceptional items with the passion of producers
that have clearly impressed and touched us upon our encounters.

Mission of Meets Products

We aspire to connect the exceptional items from producers
with people globally through our Meets Products, and enhance their lives.
With this vision, we are committed to bringing a diverse range of Meets Products to you.

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Meets Products

Matcha Portion

Enjoy high quality Matcha drink so easily!

Coffee Portion
(No Sugar / Unsweetened)

Enjoy authentic coffee aroma and taste so easily

Coffee Portion
(Less Sugar / Sweetened)

Enjoy authentic coffee aroma and taste so easily

Matcha Base

Enjoy High quality Matcha Drink so easily

Yuzu Honey Syrup

Enjoy a refreshing Yuzu drink with ease

Premium Strawberry Liqueur
“Koto no Yume“

Enjoy the mariage of Nara’s Premium strawberry KOTOKA and Honey made in Nara


Enjoy new type of Mead made from Japan domestic honey

Plum Syrup

Enjoy a refreshing plum drink with ease

Gum Syrup ( Sugar Syrup )

Quick dissolve, convenient and hygienic


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