Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Guide to Contract Manufacturing

We offer filling services for liquid seasonings such as “Nabe” soups, concentrated beverages such as coffee, and corn syrups. We provide full support from planning to development and production of the product. We also offer a variety of container sizes, so we can manufacture products that meet customer needs. Please consider using our convenient, hygienic, and easy-to-handle portion packs for your products.

1. Inquiry

Please let us know the content liquid you want to fill. We will examine it carefully to see if we can fill it.

2. Meeting

Once the contents of the product have been determined, we will select a container size that meets the customer's requirements and prepare a rough estimate based on tentative specifications.

3. Proposal of prototype

We make a preproduction prototype according to the customer's request, and confirm the product and the shape of the portion pack.
In addition, we will conduct a production line test.

4. Proposal of packaging materials

After deciding the number of bags and boxes, we will propose the design of container lids, bags, and cardboard boxes.

5. Submission of price quotation

Once the product specifications have been determined, we will provide you with a formal price quotation.

6. Ordering and manufacturing

After receiving your order, we will procure the raw materials and manufacture the product.

7. Delivery

After a rigorous shipping inspection, we will ship the product to your designated location. Delivery in small units is also possible.

◎The time from "inquiry" to "delivery" may vary depending on the nature of the request, but it takes about 6 months at the earliest. Thank you for your understanding.

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