Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate profile

Company name Yamato Honey Co., Ltd.
Address 324 Tanaka-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Representative Hiroshi Torii
Established Mar. 20 1945
Legal registration Feb. 27 1986
Capital 85 million yen
Closing date Nov. 30
Main bank The Nanto Bank,Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Main Business Manufacturing and sales of portion packs, honey and beekeeping
Main Customer Nissin Sugar Co., Ltd., major food dealers, major coffee shop companies, major convenience stores.


Mar. 1945 Founder Atsunobu TORII established Yamato Bee Cultivation Station with the intention of pursuing beekeeping.
Apr. 1960 We worked on beekeeping, and in order for more people to love honey, a great blessing of nature and the demands of the times, Started production and sales and established Yamato Honey Honpo
Feb. 1968 Established Yamato Honey Co., Ltd. as a corporate organization.
Nov. 1979 As a result of the development of the new Jabby 80 product, the head office was newly constructed at 322 Tanaka-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture.Installation and production of Portion Pack Filling Unit 1.
Jan. 1980 Commenced collection with major food wholesalers and major coffee manufacturers.
Apr. 1981 OEM production started for restaurant industry (coffee maker, restaurant chain, fast food chain).
Jan. 1986 Expansion of machinery facilities in line with expansion of production of OEM products.
Nov. 1990 Yamazoe Factory was newly established in Yamazoe Village, Yamabe County, Nara Prefecture, with the expansion of business and the increase in orders received, and machinery facilities were expanded and moved mobile rack type warehouse.
May. 1993 Yamazoe Factory expansion completed.
Mar. 1995 Honey bee and Life Hall opened at the site of the Yamazoe Factory.
May. 1995 Yamazoe Factory 2nd expansion completed.
Mar. 1996 After filling, automatic sterilization line was established, and concentrated coffee and black tea began to be filled.
Apr. 1996 Yamazoe Factory Established an indicator line as productivity was streamlined.
May. 1996 Capital increase of 85 million yen.
Sep. 1999 Yamazoe Factory completed construction to expand the site.
Jun. 2005 Introduction of new wastewater facilities.
Dec. 2006 Introduction of new upper portion pack filling machine.
May. 2011 Introduction of a new bottle filling machine.
Apr. 2016 Laser marker machine introduced.
Jan. 2020 JFS-B Certificate of Conformity.

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