About Our Production Line

About Our Production Line

About Our Production Line

The Yamazoe Factory in Nara Prefecture, is blessed with clean highland air and delicious groundwater, specializing in the filling of portion packs, PP bottles, and paper pack containers. The Nara Factory, located right next to the head office, bottles honey.
Through a variety of lines that boast unique technologies and a long track record, reliable products for OEMs are produced one after another.

Mixing Process

The mixing process is to prepare the product according to the recipe provided by the customer. In addition to the accuracy of the amount to be blended, the temperature, timing, and procedure of mixing require delicate work. This is an important process that determines the safety, taste, and viscosity of the product.

Filling Process

The product made in the blending tank is sent to the portion pack filling machine. The most important thing in this process is to control the temperature of the product and to strictly adhere to the set volume. A larger filling machine can fill 300,000 to 400,000 units per day.

Packaging Process

After the portion filling process, the next step is the packaging process. The portions are covered and sealed with the material and design requested by the customer. The customer's portion pack product is now complete.


Once the products are packed in the boxes, they await the results of the bacteria test and are shipped once they are confirmed to be safe. The bacteria test usually takes three days for syrups and five days for non-syrup products.

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